Can I crack the NEET and AIIMS in 5 months with zero level?

Can I crack the NEET and AIIMS in 5 months with zero level?


Well, it will be very difficult for you as you have not started your preparation yet. You do not have any knowledge about the subjects. You have to pay more attention to your studies. You can consult with NEET mentors , their suggestions may help you. Everything will depend on your capacity. Make a proper strategy and follow that strictly. Do not waste your time, utilise your time. Start with basic and then go for solving previous years question papers. Try to solve more previous years question paper and revise your answer.


and read each line multiple times. NCERT will help you build a strong foundation for scoring a great rank. It’s easy to score high in Biology with relatively less effort as compared to Physics and Chemistry.

What everyone misunderstands ?

Over the years, I’ve come across people who study from the NCERT but still don’t get the questions right. Let’s find out where they go wrong:

Concepts -

NCERT is not a newspaper that you can read and move on. It is loaded with concepts that you’ll have to unravel along the way. For instance - You’ll have to understand how bryophytes, gymnosperms, and angiosperms reproduce. You can’t just read and not soak up the essence of these beautiful concepts and then hope to answer the questions correctly.

Talking about concepts, there are times when we can’t understand them ourselves when we self-study. At that point, we need someone experienced to guide us through complex things because being stuck ends up wasting a lot of our precious time. That is where Filo comes in. It will connect you to a tutor for a live 1 on 1 learning session within 60 seconds. You don’t have to wait for your class/ coaching or the right time to discuss things with your teachers. Filo is available 24x7 for you. Discuss things instantly with the subject-matter experts and get answers to all your queries.

A Pinch of Rote Memorization

Now there are some parts that are not very logical. It is what it is. So, don’t waste your time finding logic in all things. I will explain this with examples.

For instance, Morphology of Plants - you have to learn a ton of examples here, with characteristics of different inflorescences. Some of the topics stated below can be easily forgotten

Morphology of Plants
Anatomy of plants
Animal Kingdom
Plant Kingdom
Microbes in human welfare
Strategies for enhancement of food production
Tables in Biomolecules (don’t skip them, they’re so important)
Sexual reproduction in flowering plants