Can i increase my marks upto 500 with 2 month of preparation

I’m scoring around 300 can i score 500 in neet 2023?? If yes then what should i do ??


I think u can if u just increase your sitting hours and become a rock which don’t listen and react to anyone including parents this is what i do and it feels cool… I dont belong here i am from diff planet this is what i think


Hey . Hope you are fine .
I always say in NEET mostly previous year topics are asked .
You are scoring 300 which means you have currently have knowledge of scoring more if you stop doing silly mistakes in paper .
Along with knowledge you must know how to solve the paper.
Your mentor can help in best way to let you know how you should approach to solve paper.
Kindly evaluate your silly mistakes and work on them .
To increase marks based on knowledge, Please firstly focus on previous year topics and do questions of NEET level .
There is no need to solve tough questions.
Wish u all the best .

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Yaa that’s what I’m doing now …i don’t want to focus on anyone i don’t want to be a part of any conversation and anything like this…I’m going to put my all efforts in this 2 months👍


Give priority to ncert:-To prepare for neet exam first of all go through ncert to clear your basic concepts and around 90-95 questions in neet are based on ncert , also focus on diagrams while going through NCERT Biology and go through all the solved and unsolved questions of NCERT in Physics and Chemistry

Practice questions after finishing each chapter you should practice numericals and mcqs and keep revising your concepts at regular intervals, like once in a week or 15 days . You can make short notes for quick revision of important concepts and formulas

Make routine or timetable :- you can make a routine as well and try to give at least 8 hours or more to study , your routine should revolve around things i.e study, revise and practice

You should practise at least 80-100 numericals and mcqs in Each chapter

Solve previous year questions

once you are done with the complete neet syllabus go through mock test papers .
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To start something good , no age and day is late !

Just start your preparations wholeheartedly and sincerely from day 1

Now the study strategy !!

1.For Biology Ncert should be your Bible.

2.For chemistry particularly organic and inorganic ncert should be your Bible

3.For physical chemistry and physics practice standard modules and ncert all questions whether of chapter end, examples,or in text questions as you have to practice a lot of sums and read theory portion

4.Try to solve last 10 years MCQ questions.

5.Before 1 month of exam try giving proper 3 hour mock test like exam so that you can be confident and well versed in your portions

6.Revise your portions daily by setting targets and give equal weightage to all chapters of class 11 and 12

7.Also take regular breaks,persue your hobbies in free time between

8.No.of hours gonna study is relative , few of my friends studied 5 hrs,I preferred 7 hrs and it depends on your motivation and dedication,how much you wanna study !

9.Sleep well and eat healthy

10.Stay motivated always !

Hope for the best !

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Here are is some motivation for you