Can i score 450 within 4 months from zero level...?

Is it possible or not to scoring 450 marks in 4 months ?

Anyone can do this
Just start doing smart work
Read those topics that contain good weightage in neetexam and do more and more mcq

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It is easy to get
Try to solve 300–450 questions of each subject weekly.
Analyse all your doubts atleast 2–3 times.
Always learn from your mistakes.
Revision of the full syllabus for 3–5 times is needed if you want to score 600+ .
Read NCERT biology minimum 5 times and more if possible.
Try to finish the full syllabus by December, and start giving MOCK tests after that.
Give Mock tests sincerely, following the actual timing of NEET exam.
Sleep for atleast 6–8 hours daily .
Modify your sleep and eating habits accordingly with the NEET schedule. Follow the eating style that your are gonna follow in your NEET exam day. Suppose if exams starts from 2pm then you must finish your brunch by 12pm. Don’t make a habit of sleeping during the time when you will be giving you actual NEET exam.
Go for daily short walks .
Make daily timetable and commit to it.
Meditation helps you a lot. Do atleast 10 minutes of it daily. Use the app headspace for this.
Failure and bad marks in mock tests play a major role in your success. Learn from those mistakes.
Don’t get sad , depressed, overwhelmed and don’t waste time. Spend time with your family & don’t isolate yourself from everyone else. Keep your friend circle small.
Take help from youtube channels, there are many awesome channels out there.
Concentrate more on self study, too much coaching is gonna ruin you.

Yes U can!
*First of all focus On Biology… It’s easy to learn it and also u can Get around 350 Just by reading NCERT Thoroughly and solving Previous year questions+MTG Fingertips Biology
*IF U Can do this much with Biology it’s for sure will be the most important wheel for ur score cart .
*Secondary to biology Focus on chemistry…Ur minimal effort towards Chemistry will make u score around 100 to 130 marks All u have to do is practice physical chemistry previous year questions and learn Inorganic chemistry and organic from NCERT solve MTG chemistry side by side.
*For physics u can practice previous year questions and errorless physics as much as u can focus on 12th as it is easy as well as 50% questions for sure come from 12th …and u can not only get 450 but with this strategy u can get arround 550 easily.
*All the best :+1::+1:

*Also U can take mentorship sessions so that u can get regular guidance and doubt solving sessions…On EXPRTO.