Can someone score 200 to 600 in neet in 4 months?

Can someone score 200 to 600 in neet in 4 months?


Yes it is possible. You need pay more attention to your studies. Stay positive and confident. I do not know how much you have done already. If you have already some knowledge then you will be able to get around 300+. I have seen one of my friends who secured 350 with 4 months of preparation. Although he had some basic knowledge. So also you can score 200 to 600 in NEET in 4 months. You can connect with NEET toppers on call, they will share their exam experiences with you. If you want good score in this limited time you have to pay more attention on your studies, and need proper guidance. I would suggest you to take guidance from NEET mentors. They can guide you appropriately.


First of all, don’t feel disheartened if you have not scored what you have expected. Be courageous and face the reality.

I don’t know if you’ll believe me or not but there are quite some amount of people who have increased there marks from 180 to above 620. IT IS POSSIBLE.

I have myself scored 565 in this year’s NEET exam which you can call average given the amount of people who have performed exceptionally this year. So this is my suggestion -

1.Try to understand what exactly went wrong in the exam hall. It can be lack of preparation, stress, anxiety and last but not the least TIME MANAGEMENT (I suffered here).

  1. Give stress on those areas where you are weak. Spend maximum amount of time on them and solve adequate questions.

  2. Also PLEASE don’t forget to revise topics you are good at. They are a big strength of yours. Give those topics optimum time.

  3. TRY TO UNDERSTAND WHERE YOU EXACTLY WENT WRONG. You might feel I’m repeating a point but it is not so. This is really important.

Eg- One of my classmates called up asking how to improve upon his chemistry marks (He’ll give NEET again the next year). He said his Organic chemistry was weak. Okay, no problem with that but I pointed out honestly that organic chemistry questions were very marginal and easy in NEET 2019. So he must have gone wrong somewhere else. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT MY FRIENDS. KNOW YOURSELF PROPERLY AND DO NOT MAKE BIASED DECISIONS.

  1. DO NOT STUDY EXTRA. It does NOT help. Mostly it is from the NCERT and it is very important to make a strong base before you go further.

  2. For inorganic chemistry and Biology, make hand written notes and revise them regularly. You may call this a cliched point but this is what helped me in the last week.

  3. Join an online test series and FOLLOW IT RELIGIOUSLY. It will help you to maintain a proper schedule.

  4. If you are not scoring, DO NOT FEEL DEMOTIVATED (I was getting around 440 even 2 weeks before NEET). DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT WHAT OTHER PEOPLE FEEL ABOUT YOUR MARKS. They are not going to help you in the exam.

  5. Finally,sleep properly. It will keep you refreshed and aid in memorising.

I am giving you all these suggestions because I don’t want you people to make the mistakes I did. So please study cautiously and try not to make any sort of preparatory mistakes.

Remember- If amputees can climb the highest peak in the world, this is nothing. DON’T GIVE UP. STOP ASKING WHO INCREASED THEIR MARKS FROM WHAT IN ONE YEAR.