Can someone share their timetable for preparation of the NEET?

Can someone share their timetable for preparation of the


The NEET timetable will differ for every person as it is
dependent on your daily routine. For instance, if you are a morning
person, you will have a different schedule as compared to someone
who is a night owl. The main thing that you need to ensure is that
you study daily consistently. Success needs repetition.
Before starting my NEET preparation I joined a short NEET-UG
Mentorship program from Exprto Rankers on call and the guidance
of my personal NEET mentor helped me alot to make a perfect plan
which suits myself. Here you can connect to NEET toppers and get
perfect guidance straight from toppers.
I am sharing the timetable that I feel is good enough if you are
sincere while studying. You can refer to it and make changes
accordingly as per what works for you. When you sit down to study
and need any sort of help in understanding some question you can
see examples related to that question or watch a YouTube video of
that concept… Ask unlimited questions and keep practicing.
Here is the timetable -
Wake up - 6:15 am
Go for a walk/ exercise to refresh - 6:45 am
Plan the topics for the day - 7:15 am
Breakfast - 7:30 am
Resume studying - 9:45 am
Take break - 10 am
Resume studying - 12:30 pm
Take lunch break - 1 pm
Resume studying - 4 pm
Take a nap - 4:30 pm
Tea break - 4:45 pm
Resume studying - 6 pm
Have dinner - 8:30 pm
Resume studying - 9.30 pm
Sleep - 11:30 pm
Ensure that you keep some days just for revision. Do not follow this
timetable or any other blindly. Make your own timetable according
to your need and capacity and it should be realistic. If you take a
NEET personal mentorship program it will be easy for you to make
a good routine according to your needs.