Can you tell me which are the important chapters of physics , so that i can score 100 marks in 2Months

Can you tell me which are the important chapters of physics , so that i can score 100 marks in 2 Months

Thermodynamics , modern physics , Ray optics , wave optics , current electricity , magnetism ,rotation .

These are the most important chapter of physics …beside this start solving previous year mcqs …doing MCQ will help you revise whole syllabus in one go …the no of questions you solve is directly proportional to you score …
Not only in physics but In all the subjects

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Most important solve previous year questions and repeat it 3-4 times or more.
11th class imp topics-
Rotational motion**, thermodynamics**,heat,SHM,wave theory, gravitational.
12th class-
Current, MEC and magnetism, modern physics***,wave optics,

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So , their are following chapters which have high weightage in NEET :
3Ray optics
4Wave optics
5Modern physics
6Rotational motion
7Laws of motion
These chapters you should prepare first and with proper concepts
Your concept must be clear and you should know how to apply formulas .
You must know all the questions which around the particular formula so that if any question came you solve it without much time .
Previous year question of these chapters,you must solve them as they follow particular pattern for questions
And sometimes questions are also repeated in NEET so it will help you .
You must know all the type of questions asked from these chapters .
And also give attention while solving the questions.
And after doing these try to cover other chapters also if possible
Give mock test of these chapters to cover all the aspects of the chapter.
Be honest and disciplined and have consistency.
Don’t loose hope and have faith on yourself.
All the best


Modern physics

2 Rotational motion

3 Semiconductor

4 Unit and dimensions

5 Current electricity

6 Thermodynamics

7 Gravitation

8 Newtons laws of motion

9 Magnetic effects of current

10 Wave optics

11 Thermal properties

12 Ray optics

13 Electric potential and capacitance

14 Alternating current

15 Electromagnetic induction

16 EM wave

17 Electrostatics

18 Magnetism and matter