Chemistry kuchh samjh nhi aa rha hai

Mai chemistry me akdam zero hu kuchh bhi nhi aata hai mujhe chemistry me aur mai 11 me hu is baar 12 me chala jsunga bio liya hai maine kaise thik karu mai apne chemistry ko :pray::pray:Please help me kuchh ssmjh nhi aa rha hai mujhe

Start learning actively too …use recall methods and flash cards …after reading a chapter solve questions …daily give 1-2 hrs only to questions …practice , practice and practice …there is no substitute for practice … and try to teach to other person …it will help you clearing your concepts …the no of questions you solve is directly proportional to your score …try to learn actively
For ex

Make question bank like this …next time when you try to revise any chapter …do actively …start giving answer to the question bank you made …
Practice , practice and practice …you have lot of time remaining …you can practice as hard as you can :sparkles:
All the best :star2:


Start from basic. Try to solve questions more and more. Firstly read topic then from ncert and then solve questions regarding it atleast 200 questions.

Heyy champion!
First of all,i am really happy for you as the advice i M going to give you will change your life.
● Stop running behind too many sources to study from,rather stop and stick to a source .
● Start reading NCERT,you will get the correct answers for all the questions you get.
● Remember my words,NCERt is a bible for you!
Just learn every single line of NCERT and then aky is the Limit!
All the best,kid!