Class 12th how to revise

How can I revise for my 12th only 2 months remaining [Jab bhi main study Karne baith ta hu tab samajh me Nahi Aata kya padhu]


For boards you can revise 12th easily

Study from any reference book that is suggested by your teachers eg Pardeeps or anything. If they suggested you ncert so study from ncert itself don’t worry. Practice derivations and questions in physics.
Try to write and learn in biology so that you can make answers on your own. Start studing other subjects too eg English , physical health or music or computer. If you don’t understand where to start go from start itself.


How to revise quickly

For doing revision quickly, you must have studied that topic properly. I would like suggest you some things for quick revision.

  1. Focus on important topics firstly and do other later
  2. Make schedule and target ( for example,1 chapter in 2 hours or 1 unit in 4-5 hour) and try to complete it
  3. Use short notes, revision lecture, mind maps, one shot video from YouTube
  4. Discuss topic/chapter with your friends

5)Note:- Take guidance from your mentor.

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