Crack neet in 6 months

Hii i need to score 500 to get mbbs clg i can’t score more than 250 should i focus on high weighatge chapter in physics and chemistry ?? Can i get 100+ by doing only inorganic and organic part in chemistry ??


Hii… first of all you need 650+ to get good gmc and to be on a safer side.
Secondly, you are not able to score 250+ then at first complete your botany zoology syllabus with ample mcq practice of each and every chapter.
Clear your basic concepts of physics and soove normal basic type mcqs so that you can get the idea what’s going on… what are the concepts.
And it’s easy to score inorganic chemistry especially s,p,d,f block chapters as questions are directly framed form ncert.
These are basic tips.
Command on these things first.
Hope this may help you.
All the best!!

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Here are some steps to help you crack NEET in 6 months:

Make a study plan: Create a schedule that covers all the important topics in NEET syllabus and allocate adequate time for each subject.

Study NCERT books: Start with the basics and understand the concepts well. NCERT books are the backbone of NEET preparation.

Practice mock tests: Take as many mock tests as possible to get a sense of the exam pattern and improve your time management skills.

Analyze your mistakes: After each mock test, go through the answers and understand why you got a particular question wrong.

Focus on weaker areas: Identify your weaker areas and put in extra effort to improve in those topics.

Stay updated: Keep yourself updated with the latest syllabus, exam pattern, and important topics.

Take breaks: Regular breaks will help you stay fresh and avoid burnout.

Stay motivated: Keep yourself motivated by setting achievable goals and celebrating small victories.

By following these steps, you can maximize your chances of cracking NEET in 6 months.

Cracking NEET in 3 months requires a strategic approach, discipline, and consistent effort. Here are some tips for success:

  1. Make a study plan: Divide your time between subjects, allocate time for self-study, and revise regularly.
  2. Cover the syllabus thoroughly: Make sure to cover all the topics and do not leave any subject behind.
  3. Focus on NCERT: The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) books are considered to be the backbone of NEET preparation.
  4. Take mock tests: Regular mock tests help you identify your weaknesses, track your progress, and improve your test-taking skills.
  5. Prioritize your weaknesses: Focus on the subjects you are weak in, and allocate more time to improve in those areas.
  6. Stay organized: Keep a track of all the important formulas, definitions, and theorems, and revise them regularly.
  7. Practice, Practice, Practice: Practice as many questions as possible to improve your speed and accuracy.
  8. Get adequate sleep: Taking care of your health and getting enough sleep is crucial to stay focused and alert during the preparation phase.
  9. Stay motivated: Stay motivated and stay focused on your goal of cracking NEET. Surround yourself with positive energy and like-minded people.
  10. Stay updated: Keep yourself updated with the latest exam pattern, changes, and news related to NEET.

Keep NCERT textbooks as priority. Thoroughly read your NCERTs, all the texts, diagrams, captions, summary, points to ponder, tables.
Have a good theoretical knowledge of everything. The advantage of reading theory of all the topics is whenever you see a question, you will have a fair idea about what topic the question revolves around and what are the probable concepts which you can use to solve that question.
Never satisfied by just solving the question and finding the right answer. See if there are better ways or methods to reach the solution in a shorter time.
If you are not able to understand the topic after multiple efforts, ask someone who knows the topic, like your teacher or a NEET subject expert. It’s way more efficient to ask for help so that you can move forward quicker. Saves a lot of time and stress.
Give tests according to the NEET exam pattern to assess your learning and performance. Start with time bound chapter-wise tests, then part tests of multiple chapters, and at last full paper tests after completing the syllabus.
Analyse your performance in tests. Make a note of the mistakes and rectify them before attempting the next test.
Avoid spending excessive time on social media be it Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter or Instagram. Get rid of all such unproductive things from your life for the sake of getting into a top medical college.
Never feel depressed if you are unable to solve questions of a specific topic or a subject. Put your efforts and hard work to understand the theory and again solve the problems.
Keep revising what you are studying. It takes long to learn something for the first time but it doesn’t take much time to revise it every now and then. Make short notes of every chapter for quick revision.
Sleep well and eat your meals on time. It will help you in concentrating more on your studies, revision and exam preparation.