Easiest chapters in IIT-JEE organic chemistry

Which are the easiest chapters in IIT-JEE organic chemistry?


Organic chemistry is the most interesting part and every topic is correlated. These are the easiest chapters in organic chemistry:

• Atomic Structure: It is a very easy topic. Only you need to memorize the formulas to secure a good score.

• Chemistry in everyday life: Another easiest chapter in chemistry. Just read the chapter again and again.

• Polymer Science and Biomolecule: Again you just need to remember all the things and classifications.

• Molecular Orbital Theory

• Metallurgy: Again an easy topic. Read again and again to memorize metal extraction processes.

• Surface chemistry: It is also an easy topic

But if you want to secure a good score then do not waste more time on easy topics. Try to cover the whole syllabus as early as possible and revise it frequently. You can take guidance from IIT JEE toppers on what should be the correct strategy to follow. You can refer to this link: