Extra edge important things that can be asked in NEET

Few disorders in heart embryology

Patent foramen ovale- persistent gap btwn septum secundum(limbus fossa ovalis) and septum primum

Patent ductus arteriosus- failure of closure of ductus arteriosus to form ligamentum arteriosum

Dysphagia lusoria- abnormal right subclavian artery compressing oesophagus due to persistence of right 4th arch artery, dorsal aorta and 7th intersegmental artery

Double aortic arch- Due to persistence of right and left caudal part of dorsal artery usually right disappears

Double inferior vena cava- persistence of left sacrocardinal vein

Double superior vena cava- due to absence of oblique anastomosis and persistence of left anterior cardinal vein.

Tetralogy of fallot- anterior displacement of conotruncal septum

Persistent truncus arteriosus-Conotruncal septum absent

Transposition of great vessels-conotruncal septum straight (normally it is spiral).

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Biology holds half of the total marks in NEET and covering biology NCERT as many times before NEET will be very much beneficial .
Almost all the questions will come from NCERT only but the thing is that u have read it thoroughly.
Here are some of the important biology topics that are likely to be covered in NEET 2023:

  1. Diversity of living organisms
  2. Structural organization in plants and animals
  3. Plant physiology
  4. Animal physiology
  5. Cell biology
  6. Genetics and evolution
  7. Biology and human welfare
  8. Ecology and environment
  9. Reproduction
  10. Developmental biology
  11. Biotechnology and its applications
  12. Biology and diseases
  13. Immune system and immunology
  14. Microbiology
  15. Taxonomy

It is essential to thoroughly understand these topics and practice solving questions related to them to perform well in NEET 2023. Don’t neglect any of the topics as they can all be tested in the examination.

Here are the important topics for NEET Biology:

Cell Biology
Genetics and Evolution
Plant Physiology
Human Anatomy and Physiology
Ecology and Environment
Biotechnology and its Applications
Plant Anatomy
Animal Kingdom
Morphology of Flowering Plants
Human Health and Diseases
Developmental Biology
Physiology of Domestic Animals
Biodiversity and Conservation
Environmental Issues
Note: NEET Biology syllabus is vast and covers a wide range of topics, these are some of the most important topics which are frequently asked in the exam.