Full syllabus (complete) revision lecture for NEET/JEE mains prepration

Full syllabus (complete) revision lecture for NEET/JEE mains prepration

****Note:- Use this lecture for revision purpose only.
You can watch this lecture 2-3 hours daily.

  1. Physics :point_right::point_right:https://youtu.be/HZCF-cQj3dc

  2. Organic chemistry​:point_right::point_right:https://youtu.be/nzSsr2QAoEs

  3. Inorganic chemistry​:point_right::point_right:https://youtu.be/jyR3oeOJryY

  4. Biology​:point_right::point_right:https://youtu.be/Lm2zBM-NS0E

  5. Mathematics :point_right::point_right:https://youtu.be/y8DCDCBQeIA

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This lacture chemistry ke liye… Aagar phli bar pdh rhe ho toh Dekh skte???

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Ye sirf revision ke liye hi hai.

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Okay sir
But please suggest me best channel on YouTube for CHEMISTRY for neet

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• There are lots of good YouTube channel for NEET and JEE preparation.

• You can watch chemistry lecture from anyone channel according to your convenience ( jis teacher ka tumhe ache se samajh aata hai, unka lecture dekho but ek channel/teacher ko follow karo)

• If you want more details about -

  1. How to use YouTube properly for NEET/JEE preparation.
  2. How to do NEET-JEE preparation from YouTube/online courses.
  3. Want study material, notes, question bank, formula sheet, flashcards.
  4. Best online resources from NEET-JEE preparation.
  5. Revision material, lecture and planning.

Then you (@Rajpoot) can take #mentorship session with me (@Mbbs_dream)

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  1. Make Points. Make NCERT self-written notes. …
  2. Take mock test. Students should begin by practising past years’ question papers & mock tests, according to NEET analysts and specialists at Embibe. …
  3. Break the NEET syllabus into small chains. …
  4. Try to revise self-made short notes. …
  5. Conclusion.