How can I be consistent in my JEE preparations?

How can I be consistent in my JEE preparations?j


Consistency is absolutely critical in JEE preparation. It is one
of the things that if you try to follow, you will be able to remove
your distractions in the process. I do not think it is easy to be
consistent. Otherwise, everyone would be successful in their lives. It
requires discipline. Just show up daily.
If you are just a beginner you can enrol yourself in a IIT JEE
mentorship program in which you will be connected to recent JEE
toppers who will personally guide you and will be your personal
mentors throughout your JEE preparation.
They will reveal tricks and tips so that you are way ahead then rest
of the competitors, get the best resources and learn essential things
like time management and consistency
There are 2 main reasons why we are not consistent:
Lack of passion: Passion induces focus and the ability to follow a
thing effortlessly. Consistency is tied along with it. We are often
inconsistent because our mind feels that the thing ahead of us is a
huge obstacle that is best left ignored or we have no ‘interest in it’.
This leads us to the next point.
Unrealistic goals: It is not wrong to move out of the comfort zone.
But not too far out. There is always a rule that you improve the most
when the challenges are just a little bit above your current
capabilities. Imagine you wanted to learn to play chess. If you
seriously want to improve… you should neither play against a child
nor a chess engine at high difficulty. You should find your level and
try to raise it bit by bit.
The solutions:
Creating passion: Nobody is born with hatred towards any subject. It
is just the educational environment, teachers, or the marks that repel
or attract you to a subject. If you think that you do not like maths…
wait till you score good marks on your internal test in maths, you
will start to love it. It is the sad reality that interest is usually killed
by the educational system. Try to give some time to the subject, try
to unlearn and relearn it in a new way.

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