How can I crack 600+ marks in the NEET 2022?

How can I crack 600+ marks in the NEET 2022?


Start your preparation as soon as possible. Do waste your time, take small steps. First you should be well aware of the whole syllabus of NEET. Do not take too much books. It is not possible for you to complete 2-3 books. So you should take suggestions from experienced once. You can take advise from NEET mentors as they will guide you properly. NCERT is the most recommended book by NEET experts. So start your preparation with NCERT books. Try to study this book 3-4 times. Then you can use other books as reference. Go through previous years question papers. Try to solve at least 10 years question papers. Then give mock tests as much as possible. And revise more what you have done.



tart your preparations wholeheartedly and sincerely from day 1

Now the study strategy !! ( I followed the same and generally suggest others the same, because for me self study is the best :joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

My dear for Biology Ncert should be your Bible.

For chemistry particularly organic and inorganic ncert should be your Bible

For physical chemistry and physics practice standard modules and ncert all questions whether of chapter end, examples,or in text questions as you have to practice a lot of sums and read theory portion

Try to solve last 10 years MCQ questions.

Before 1 month of exam try giving proper 3 hour mock test like exam so that you can be confident and well versed in your portions

Revise your portions daily by setting targets and give equal weightage to all chapters of class 11 and 12

Also take regular breaks,persue your hobbies in free time between

No.of hours gonna study is relative , few of my friends studied 5 hrs,I preferred 7 hrs and it depends on your motivation and dedication,how much you wanna study !

Sleep well and eat healthy

Stay motivated always !

Hope for the best !

Hope you get a medical college soon !