How can I get full marks in physical Chemistry in NEET?

How can I get full marks in Physical Chemistry at NEET?

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Yes and no, for the theory it is more than sufficient. Be it for organic, inorganic, or physical chemistry. If you see the pattern in which NTA has made the paper since 2019, you will realize that not even a single question has come out of NCERT over the years.

But again, do remember to go through all the intricate details of NCERT (like intermediates of all reactions, Tables and if possible remember the data given in brackets in the main text, eg: Like tritium has a half-life of 12.33 years and all).
“NCERT only” is not sufficient for question practice. You should solve all back exercises and intext questions, leaving an equilibrium chapter.
For practicing questions, I would recommend you to go for MTG, NCERT at your fingertips book. It is an amazing book covering all the topics. Remember the NEET 2020, periodic elements question, this section was ignored by all coaching Institute modules, but was there in the [MTG book.](https:// MTG book. )