How can I prepare for JEE 2023

How can I prepare for JEE 2023?

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Start preparing for JEE 2023, if you’ve not Started yet. For those who have not Started yet, I have to say start from today onwards else forget JEE 2023. Your sincerity and consistency is more important than anything else.
You can study from Google, YouTube, from books etc. But the best way to prepare for JEE 2023 is to join a coaching class.
A good Coaching class guides you, tells you the right approach of how to prepare for IIT-JEE, tells you the good reliable resources and

also tests you at regular intervals. I’m not saying that this exam cannot be cracked by self study but joining a coaching will save you a lot of time.
Before you start you IIT JEE preparation, I would suggest you to join a IIT JEE mentorship program from Exprto where you will get the best guidance during the preparation and you will be directly connected to recent JEE 2022 top Rankers on call who will listen to your query and give you tips and tricks to get ahead of your competitors. Therefore enroll yourself in the best mentorship plan for IIT JEE and NEET Aspirant and be ready for the 2023 exam.