How can I prepare for the NEET 2023 as I hav

How can I prepare for the NEET 2023 as I hav

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First of all, be confident and be ready for hard work. Along
with hard work follow my tips to score well.
Make a list of important topics and do them first properly. Then go
for non important topics. Try to cover each and every topic by
NCERT. Don’t leave any topic from it.
Try to practice as many as multiple choice questions you can. Try to
do at least 100 mcqs a day. And 2–3 months before the exam, start
doing the whole syllabus mcqs. Do revise whatever you study. More
you revise the more confident you get. Manage your time efficiently.
Divide your time properly between subjects.
Always keep yourself motivated , take breaks and spend time with
your family and friends, practice some yoga and breathing exercises
to keep yourself calm and cool For NEET preparation for Biology, Ncert should be your Bible. For
chemistry particularly organic and inorganic ncert should be your
Bible. For physical chemistry and physics practice standard modules
and ncert all questions whether of chapter end, examples,or in text
questions as you have to practice a lot of sums and read theory
Try to solve last 10 years MCQ questions.
You can find free test papers from Google , it provides PDFs of
various institutions or download online apps like Vedantu,
Resonance,Career Point etc. Before 1 month of exam try giving
proper 3 hour mock test like exam so that you can be confident and
well versed in your portions
Revise your portions daily by setting targets and give equal
weightage to all chapters of class 11 and 12. I followed MTG for 34
years pyq , you can follow the same as it is a good theory and
practice book for me. Also , take regular breaks,pursue your hobbies
in your free time. Sleep well and eat healthy.

NEET-UG examination consists of 3 subjects – Biology, Physics and Chemistry. In this post, we will see how to manage all three subjects in a day for the NEET preparation.

Note : Many students study 2 subjects a day and do revision. They generally follow a weekly or monthly target to complete their goals. It’s effective for them. You should follow which works best for you but don’t study only 1 subject a day. It’s not recommended for NEET.

How to Manage All Three Subjects in a Day for the NEET Preparation?
Tips to manage all 3 subjects in a day for NEET preparation :

Planning is the key to managing all 3 subjects in a day. If you have a proper study plan for NEET and are ready to execute it at any cost, you will definitely make it.
Allocate sufficient time to all the subjects. Some might say we have to concentrate more on Biology since it contributes to most of the questions but to score good marks in NEET we should give importance to all three subjects.
Give more time to your weak subject. Adjust the times accordingly for other subjects.
Keep studying regularly all 3 subjects. Whether you are studying theory of Biology, revising Chemistry or solving problems of Physics, it’s important that you give some time daily to each subject.
Try short study hours like 45-60 minutes with regular breaks to stay focused and not get bored.
For each subject, make a list of topics from the NEET syllabus that you need to complete during the week and then execute it.
Don’t be in a hurry to complete the syllabus of the subject which you find easier. It often results in neglecting other subjects.
If you feel sleepy and find it difficult to study at late hours then do numericals at that time as it requires more concentration
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Follow these time table