How can I reduce my negative marking

I got 470 marks in coaching test but I got many negative marking what should I do sir…

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Round 1 Easy First 150 minutes: 1. Mark All
the Questions That You Know
2. Do not take more than 30 seconds per question
Round 2 Hard Next 50 minutes: 1. Skim
t hrough Marked questions
2. You can Take 1 minute per question
3. Work on Elimination Strategy
Round 3 Revise Last 10 minutes: 1. Take a fast look through
2. No last minute changes or guess work

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Here are some tips for reducing your negative marking

1.Analyse your test carefully
2.Note down your mistakes and revise them
3.Try not to repeat mistakes in future
4. Practice more questions
5.Revise your notes and NCERT again and again
6. Try not to solve those questions which you don’t know as you will land up with more negative marks
7.Dont be stressed while solving test
8.Stay calm while giving test and read questions carefully

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