How can I revise my NEET 2022 syllabus more efficiently? Only 52 days are left

How can I revise my NEET 2022 syllabus more efficiently? Only 52 days are left.


Do not take too much stress. In this time do not try to learn new chapters, you will not be able to complete the syllabus. Go through previous years question papers as much as possible. If possible then try to solve 10 years question papers. Also revise your answers many times. It would help you. You can connect with NEET toppers on call and listen to their experiences how they prepared for NEET examination. And try to give mock tests as much as possible. After attempting one mock test analyse your answers and try to revise related topics.


revision, you should focus on the weak and frequently asked topics. This is not only for NEET also for tbut ther important exams .

Now come to the NEET . For neet you have to comlete the syllabus first and then start rivision from ncert for bio and inorganic chemistry . For physics and physical chemistry try to practice the previous year questions and the questions that you have practiced earlier for the exams. Here you can improve you preparation by giving more effort in practicing the questions that you made wrong in your mock exams .

Now for organic chemistry try to practice questions from ncert, mtg and other easy sources.

For biology you can practice the questions of your mock test and from the test module that you have . If do not have the effective source for bio , the you can follow the Dr.Anand Mani ‘s top 1000 questions.

Best of luck for your future .

NEET is just a competitive exam , which is cracked by the aspirants like you . No need to fear about that . Just go and give your best.