How can I score 600+ in neet without coaching?

How can I score 600+ in neet without coaching?


Scoring 600+ in NEET is absolutely possible but not easy. You
have to be extra disciplined and consistent throughout your

For biology, you should be thorough with each and every sentence
and word of NCERT. Diagrams of NCERT are also a must to do
For Inorganic Chemistry, again NCERT each and every
word,tables,diagrams .
For organic and physical chemistry, you are required to have
knowledge apart from NCERT as well. For solving physical
chemistry questions I did N.Avasthi book and for organic chemistry I
did MS Chauhan’s book For physics again you have to use books
along with NCERT. It could be HC Verma or any other book of your
At last practice as many questions as you can do previous years
questions and learn the concept of your wrong answers. Always do
self analysis. If you are fresher, I will recommend you to join the
neet mentorship program. In this program you will be connected to
top rankers of the neet who will guide you give you tips and tricks
before you start if series preparation of neet exam and believe me
you are going to be way more advanced than your competitors.
As you are not going to join a coaching, a mentorship program in the
beginning will give you the guidance which you would have got in a
coaching institute.


Yes you can. Not always coaching can help but Competitive exams are simultaneously done during your board studies since the syllabus is more or less similar, there are some integrated programs where you spend less time and money when it comes to academic studies and equally preparing for competitive tests. And they’re objectified so scope of scoring is high. But most important is self studies. You must have a time table a proper plan for your studies and self time without any distractions. Don’t be lenient with your studies during board do some serious studies. Eat healthy sleep on time, stay Joyful
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Scoring 600+ is not that Difficult as it seems to be…All u have to Do is following some simple tips
*First of All score at least 350+ in Biology for that practice previous year questions and MTG Fingertips Biology…Focus on NCERT Reading… Read it thoroughly as much as u can.
*Score Atleast 150+ in chemistry all u have to do is focus on previous year questions and MTG
Fingertips chemistry .
*Score A min of 110+ marks in Physics…For that practice Errorless physics and previous year questions.U can also practice NCERT exampler for physics .
*U Can take regular guidance from EXPRTO so that u can manage time and get a proper strategy for NEET exam.

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1.Firstly you have to believe in your self.
2.Role of coaching is just to guide you and make you academically strong .
3.There are many students who have got selection with self study.
4.For academic: Focus mainly on previous year topics as in NEET 75-80% of question are asked from previous year topics only.
5.As far as guidance is concerned : you can register on and get the mentorship from best mentors who will help you to achieve your goal .

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