How can I score 650 marks in the NEET if I am getting around 500 marks in a mock test?

How can I score 650 marks in the NEET if I am getting around 500 marks in a mock test?

Divide your syllabus in two. Important & Easy chapters & Very Important & difficult chapters. Start with Important & difficult chapters.For Biology… Read & Study NCERT multiple times. Prepare notes & revise them on a daily basis. Solve Back exercises & practice MCQs

For chemistry, follow the trend, that is review the past year and analyze the questions asked from which areas…do them first and make sure to revise. Go thoroughly to NCERT.
Practice every numerical, reactions & equations. Prepare a separate notebook for Physics formulas & chemistry all reactions & equations, should be on your finger tips.
Follow the same like chemistry in Physics too. Go thoroughly to NCERT, try to understand the concepts.
Watch video lectures, if you are stuck in any chapter or in any topic.
Find your weaker areas & work on it. so after solving the mock evaluate yourself and learn the aspects which u don’t know in that paper in very brief. This will give you an understanding of other chapters which you missed.
Try to increase your accuracy & follow the “Time Management” rule. You will only get 3 hours to complete the NEET exam, or I would say less than 3 hours.

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Start giving a full mock test every third day within time limit …and assess your paper …start giving test with previous year paper …the no of questions you solve is directly proportional to your score .
Start active learning …revise actively and smartly rather thn reading chapter again and again .
For ex

Whenever you gonna revise any chapter …try recall method …try giving answer to questions or try to recall about that chapter …
And practice , practice and practice …there is no substitute for practice :star2:
All the very best :star2::sparkles:

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So You should see that where you are getting week…

Mark as much as question that you can and maximum question will give you doubt ,ask to the teacher and clear them.

1…Attend the class everyday.

2…Ask the doubt everyday.

3…you should understand what to read and what is not to read.

4…whatever you learn do some questions related to that topic.

5…clear your each doubt with the faculty.

6…don’t miss any test of your classes.

7…Be calm , Focus and motivated everytime.

8.for neet aspirants consistent is require to crack neet.

Scoring 650 marks in the NEET is a challenging task, and it requires consistent effort, focus, and practice. Here are a few tips that can help you improve your score and reach your target:

  1. Analyze your mock test: Analyze your mock test and identify the areas where you are weak. Make a list of the topics that need more attention, and focus on improving them.
  2. Practice regularly: Regular practice is the key to success in NEET. Practice as many questions as you can and solve previous year’s papers. This will help you understand the pattern of the exam and improve your speed and accuracy.
  3. Revise regularly: Revision is crucial to retain what you have learned. Revise your notes and practice questions regularly to strengthen your concepts and improve your understanding.
  4. Time management: Time management is crucial in the NEET exam. Practice solving questions within the time limit to improve your speed and accuracy.
  5. Stay positive: Stay positive and motivated. Believe in yourself and your abilities. Avoid negative thoughts and focus on your strengths.
  6. Seek help: If you are struggling with a particular topic or concept, seek help from your teachers, mentors, or friends.

Remember that scoring 650 marks in NEET requires dedication, hard work, and a positive attitude. Keep practicing and stay motivated.