How can I score above 620 in NEET exam?

How can I score above 620 in NEET exam?


Start your preparation with NCERT books for each subject. Read each and every line from NCERT books. Study NCERT books at least 4-5 times. While studying make nots. It will help you to recall all the things. Writing is the best habit for remembering all the things. You can take help from video lectures, there are many youtube channels, you can follow. Self study is most important for securing good marks. But proper guidance can improve your preparation strategy for that you can take help from IIT JEE mentors. You can follow other books to improve your notes. You can take suggestions from recent IIT JEE toppers which books you can follow with NCERT. Study step by step. After completing one chapter do solve more practice questions related to it. Go through previous years question papers. Try to solve previous practice sets as much as possible. For improvement of your answers after solving questions analyse your answers. And revise more what you have done.


Yes you can. Not always coaching can help but Competitive exams are simultaneously done during your board studies since the syllabus is more or less similar, there are some integrated programs where you spend less time and money when it comes to academic studies and equally preparing for competitive tests. And they’re objectified so scope of scoring is high. But most important is self studies. You must have a time table a proper plan for your studies and self time without any distractions. Don’t be lenient with your studies during board do some serious studies. Eat healthy sleep on time, stay Joyful
You can get 600 plus marks

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