How can I stay motivated during the rigorous JEE preparation process?

How can I stay motivated during the long and rigorous JEE preparation process?

Here are the tips to stay motivated and positive in IIT JEE preparation.

  1. Know the purpose of study.
  2. Believe that you can do it.
  3. Think about all the bad results that will happen if you don’t study.
  4. Break your dream into small achievable tasks.
  5. Write, read and remind yourself about your goals.

1. Know the purpose of study

Students who have a purpose for doing study feel motivated to do it. Students who lack a purpose, but study only because they have to do it, feel bored and resentful.

Students often hurry to finish homework or assignments without learning anything. If you follow that purpose, your brain will notice less, understand less, and remember less. When you do homework or get a specific assignment, try to feel curious about what you’ll learn from it. Figure out important questions and set the goal to find the answers.

2. Believe that you can do it

Students who believe that they can succeed are likely to achieve their goal. Students who expect to fail in an exam want to avoid studying for it. That means that when you believe that you can succeed in understanding, remembering, and solving problems, you will be willing to study.

Learn how to learn. When you know you can learn, then you can tackle hard subjects, tough topics and complex problems. You will know that even though you cannot understand them at first, your repeated efforts will succeed. *([What to do when you are not able to understand a topic]

Set reasonable standards to evaluate yourself with. Expecting that you’ll be able to read a topic just once and then recall it at will. No! Memory requires deliberate study; skills require much practice. So keep in mind the facts about learning and study. Allow yourself to make normal mistakes. Then you will believe you can succeed with study and time.

3. Think about all the bad results that will happen if you don’t study

Think about the future. If you avoid your study one day, what is likely to happen? If you avoid it repeatedly, what may happen? Know that your decision now creates your future. You will live with it.

When students think that time is short and that they might run out of time, they feel motivated to study. However, when they think they have plenty of time, they feel relaxed and unwilling to study which results in [procrastination].

4. Break your dream into small achievable tasks

If you are overwhelmed by your JEE dream, focus on what you can do tomorrow, the coming week, then next week. Take small steps, celebrate your accomplishments and keep improving. (*[Small goals that motivates you to get a good rank in JEE]

Progress is the ultimate motivator. Every little progress will give you the motivation to keep moving and trust yourself to crack JEE.

5. Write, read and remind yourself about your goals

Success in JEE depends on staying motivated and working towards your goal for a long period of time. Remember what you’re aiming for, and also why you’re aiming for it.

Write down what you want to achieve. Read it aloud to yourself, every morning and every night. Motivation takes effort. You have to remind yourself of what you are working toward and why. And writing it down and reading it every day will reinforce that desire deeper and deeper into your subconscious mind.