How can I study for 14+ hours for the NEET 2023?

How can I study for 14+ hours for the NEET 2023?


You do not need to calculate time when learning. Always remember quality matter than quantity. If you give 3 or 4 hours a day and give your 100 percent in this time then these 3-4 hours are enough.
It is not necessary that you have to give 14+ hours per day. There are many students who give just 34 hours and crack NEET easily. Also there are many who give 7-8 hours per day then get a good rank. So it would be better if you focus on your studies to understand the concepts without calculating the time. If you want to improve your preparation then I would suggest you to take guidance from NEET mentors. Consistency plays a huge role rather than quantity. Take small steps. While studying make notes. And revise what you have done again and again.


First, things first. Throw the damn phone away. Yes, you heard that right.
My screen time or to be precise my ‘mobile phone’ screen time is less than an hour. It is somewhere around 90minutes if I decide to write on Quora otherwise it is less than 50 minutes.
Now, almost studies are online, try to segregate your devices if possible. I use laptop solely for my studies and phone for my social media or entertainment.
I keep my mobile phone in my cupboard away from my study desk because I have got no self control :’)