How can one make use of these last 3 months productively?

These 3 months are very important and challenging for your NEET preparation. So prepare yourself mentally and get ready for doing some hard work.

Here I am mentioning some crucial points which helped me and I am sure will help you too in your preparation —

1. Be Consistent — Maintaning Consistency is difficult but it decides whether you will be happy after seeing your result or will be disappointed. These 3 months are peak time and many students literally give up at this point so always keep your spirits high and be contistent.

2. Better Revision Better Result — No matter how much portion of your syllabus you have covered till now, Revise whatever you have studied. Revision may seem boring and tedious task to do but it will boost your marks and so your confidence for sure.

3. Mock Tests — The last 3 months is the perfect time to start solving mock tests. Mock Tests are meant for analysing your mistakes and identify your weak topics. Marks doesn’t matter if you are analysing your mistakes and improving them in successive tests.

4. Previous Year Questions — PYQs are ABSOLUTE ESSENTIAL for NEET . There is no point if you solve too many books and not solve PYQs. Last 15 — 20 years questions should be on your fingerstips.

5. Too Many Resources — Do not Wander too much about solving questions from many books. Stick to one or two books and solve them at least two times.

All The Best !

thank you for your wishes!
ill try my best to achieve.

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Give mock tests.
Analyse your performance.
On the basis of that get an idea of the chapters to be revised.