How did you avoid distractions during your NEET preparation?

How did you avoid distractions during your NEET preparation?


First of all, you don’t need to close yourself inside a room and
just study all the time ! But yes, you need to focus and overcoming
distractions are necessary, I mean if you’re studying for 2 hours get
15 minute of gaming or some other things. Just fix your study
timings and don’t use mobile phones or anything in that study time.
You can use it after that period is over.
Use the Pomodoro technique.
The idea is that when you have to do any task or a series of tasks,
you break the work down into timed intervals – called “Pomodoro”
– that are separated by short breaks. I have used this method for a
few months. It has been amazing for me. I have been getting so
much more work done than before. The 5-minute breaks keep me
Choose a task that needs to be accomplished. Set the timer to 25
minutes. Work on the task until the 25 minutes are up. Take a short
break (usually 5 minutes).
Repeat this 4 times before taking a longer break (usually 15-30
minutes). Avoid social media. I know it’s not possible to get out of it
but at least minimize the time of its usage.

Sleep at least for 6–7 hours. Maintain a proper timetable. This will
not allow your mind to go anywhere. Go out for a walk but I would
recommend going by yourself. Self-exploration is most important.
Preparation for the NEET UG exam is a long process usually it takes
a year. So you must go a little everyday but don’t stop and be
consistent with your work. If you are just going to begin your
preparation then I would recommend you to take a short mentorship
program from NEET toppers. Where can you connect to NEET
toppers? Exprto is one of the best platforms where you can get
personal NEET Mentorship and guidance and toppers and you will
surely find yourself more motivated, more focused.

  1. Have a study plan and execute it.
  2. Find your perfect space to study for long hours.
  3. Develop good study habits to clear the exam.
  4. Be flexible about your study strategy and methods.
  5. Make adjustments in your study schedule as per requirement
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Here are few tips to avoid distractions during your preparations:

  1. Choose a quiet and comfortable location: this will help to focus better and avoid any distractions.Try to select a place where you won’t be disturbed by external factors such as noise ,people pass by etc.
    2.Switch off your phone and other electronic devices: you can ask your family member to keep your device during study time.
    3.Take breaks :Taking short breaks help you to refocus your mind and avoid fatigue.
    4.Be mentally prepared:Visualize yourself doing well in exam and stay positive.Take few deep breaths and relax your mind whenever you feel stressed.
    If you fell even more stressed try to talk to your mentor on experto ,they have been through this and they understand your feeling .They will guide you and help in whatever situation you find yourself stuck in.
    At last these beautiful lines by Oprah Winfrey for you