How did you manage your time while preparing for the JEE

How did you manage your time while preparing for the JEE?


The years for JEE preparation is one of the most important
periods for non-medical students but in the race to clear JEE
students have to sacrifice a lot of things. Do not worry.
Below is a simple strategy to help you during your JEE preparation
When studying, follow a simple rule - focus 20% of your effort on
studying what is required. Which means 20% effort will give you an
80% result. In this way, you will effectively prioritize your time and
have enough time for other things.
Spending 1 hour in fitness - Yoga or playing football or any other
games will keep you fit. It is a must because in a healthy body
resides a healthy brain!.
Less is more - Don’t waste time writing more books. Take 1-2 books
and make sure you finish this book. What matters is how well you
understand the concepts. Even after doing 100 questions and
spending 3 hours on those questions, you may end up with a low
score because the game is all about concepts. In short, time
management is managing time so that you are able to do everything
efficiently with the desired result.
Make sure you sleep 6-7 hours a day. If there is an exam the next
day, make sure you get at least 5 hours of sleep. Don’t panic and
start taking night trips. This spells trouble for you in the long run. If
you are fresher and don’t want to make these mistakes I will
recommend you to join the NEET mentorship program. In this
program you will be connected to top rankers of the NEET who will
guide you and give you tips and tricks before you start the series
preparation of NEET exam and believe me you are going to be way
more advanced than your competitors.