How different is JEE Mains from JEE Advanced?

How different is JEE Mains from JEE Advanced?

  1. Reality - Advanced is what most prepare for and mains is what most of them get. (Sorry, no offence)
  2. Technicality - Mains is about solving a problem in 2 minutes (average), Advanced is about solving problem in 3 minutes (average).
  3. Lessons Taught - Mains teaches you to be fast in solving a problem whereas Advanced teaches you to have better conceptual clarity.
  4. Methodology - Mains is more about practice whereas Advanced is more about logic and idea generation.
  5. Result - Clearing mains makes you eligible for Advanced whereas clearing advanced makes you eligible for admission in IIT.

Lastly , Mains makes you capable enough to be called an engineer whereas Advanced makes you capable enough to be called an IIT-ian.

So here is the thing, Maina test how vast and surface level knowledge you have of a particular topic whereas Advanced checks the in depth knowledge of some particular topic.
Mains gets you into NITs and passing a given criteria makes you eligible for JEE Advanced.
Jee mains is generally a piece of cake for people doing well in their JEE Advanced centered preparation. As some knowledge about that chapter is gained before going in depth, so while preparing for JEE advanced you’re already prepared for Mains. But it’s important to practice a alot as you have to solve with speed to get the most of them in mains, while the focus in jee advanced is not the time but attempting limited number of questions which you know the best but doing them correctly. Jee mains has many questions which can be done with clear concept and just putting formulas. The number of students in mains are obviously more than those sitting for JEE Advanced as those you qualify move forward. So, eventually the competition is more in mains, but difficulty level of JEE advanced is much more.

JEE Main and JEE Advanced are both entrance exams for admission to undergraduate engineering programs in India, but there are some key differences between the two. JEE Main is held twice a year and is used to determine eligibility for JEE Advanced, which is the second stage of the selection process for the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and other top engineering institutions. JEE Advanced is considered to be more difficult than JEE Main and has a separate syllabus and question format. Additionally, JEE Advanced is only open to candidates who perform well on JEE Main.
In summary, JEE Main is the first stage of the selection process for admission to engineering programs in India, and JEE Advanced is the second and more difficult stage, which is only open to the top performers on JEE Main.
Most important thing is be clear with your all the concepts then you can easily crack JEE advanced.

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The basic difference between JEE Main and JEE Advanced is - You have to clear JEE Main exam AND make the cut-off mark with qualified All India Rankings to be able to take the JEE Advanced exam.

That’s it. JEE Main is a gateway to qualify for JEE Advanced exam. This is the basic difference between JEE Main and JEE Advanced. To go over all the other differences we need to first understand what the two exams are about.

JEE Main Examination:

The JEE Main examination is conducted by the NTA. This exam is for admission to the premier Engineering colleges in India. The engineering colleges include NITs, CFTIs, IIITs (Indian Institute of Information Technology), IITs (JEE Main is the first of two exams to be taken for actual admission) and other state and Government funded Institutions.