How do I deal with p-block elements for the NEET in only one week?

How do I deal with p-block elements for the NEET in only one week?


This chapter is really important for NEET. If you talk with NEET toppers, they can guide you properly how effectively you can study this chapter. You need to remember many things from this chapter. You will get reactions, mechanisms and important formulas. You need to understand the concepts also. And to remember the things it is necessary to revise them frequently. Do not waste your time, start your preparation from this moment. First take an overview of whole syllabus then start studying the concepts deeply. While reading make notes. Start your preparation with NCERT books. Read each and every line. If you find any chart or table do not neglect, analyse the values. At last stage try to solve previous years question papers.


Pblock might seem to be the toughest chapter but if you go trough the questions and solve mcq , you’ll be convinced it is extremely easy.

P block is a vast chapter with many data and reactions , but if we arrange in proper manner and study in systematic way it is very easy.

Go through NCERT once , and mark the points which are important .
Make Flow charts
Make a list of all Exception and go through them everyday
Make a separate sheet of Reaction
Read 1 page of the chapter Everyday like this at the end of 20 days you can finish the chapter easily.