How do I focus on both 11th and 12th if 11th didn't go well for the NEET?

How do I focus on both 11th and 12th if 11th didn’t go well for the NEET?

Consistency is the only solution.
Prepare a proper schedule. Divide your time into 2 parts :- For 12th
syllabus preparation and for 11th preparation.
If you are in 12th standard, your first priority should be your 12th board exams. Keep your focus on the concepts, try to understand them, prepare notes. Must Do thorough revision and practice questions. Give 70% time to the 12th class and 30% to 11th class syllabus.
If you are only preparing for the NEET exam, Give equal time to each subject. 2 hours for theoretical concepts and 2 hours for practicing questions. After 2 hours add a break of 20–30 minutes.
Use Pomodoro technique.
Moreover, you can also follow some tips to prepare for NEET exam:-

● Always start your NEET preparation with the proper study schedule.
● Don’t Neglect NCERT at any cost. Not only for Biology, you have to go thoroughly for both Physics & Chemistry also.
● Must prepare short notes. Revise them thoroughly.
● Don’t neglect practice questions
● Try to understand the concepts, rather then memorize them.
● Stay from negative distractions & negative people. Both are
● Mock Tests & PYQs are important for the analysis for your
● Always take help from NEET online preparation course, if you
find any difficulty in any topic or any doubt pops up.
● Watch your weaker & stronger concepts. Try to improve them.
● Always keep focus on your accuracy, try to increase them.
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