How do I motivate myself to score good marks on the NEET exam?

How do I motivate myself to score good marks on the NEET nexam?


Motivation plays an important role in the preparation of the
Neet exam. Everyday you must be motivated to complete your goals
and finish some portion of the syllabus. But studying for NEET is a
long process and it takes time so it is impossible for you or for any
aspirant to be motivated throughout the year.
To be motivated you can try different things such as taking a small
break after completing a portion of syllabus, rewarding yourself
with something you like after you finish your goal aur simply going
out on a walk with your friend. The one thing which many students
think is that during the preparation we have to keep ourselves cut off
from society but that is not true and that’s not how the preparation
should be done.
If you are self-studying or you are in coaching then you must make
time for yourself where you can do things which you like such as
your hobbies or reading your favourite book or watching a movie
once in a week. You will find motivation only when you will start
completing and achieving your small goals so make sure that your
goals are small and achievable.
You will find Joy when you will score good marks in your mock
test. Challenging yourself and getting good results everyday will
boost up your confidence.
If you is a new aspirant then you should surely take up mentorship
program where the toppers will guide you can be your personal
matter in your long journey of NEET preparation.