How do I prepare for the NEET from the very beginning without coaching?

How do I prepare for the NEET from the very beginning
without coaching?


It is possible to score well in NEET UG without joining a
coaching institute, but there are a few things that are absolute
prerequisites for preparation that you must not bypass.
You have to join the test series. A single institute would be enough.
Why is this necessary? For obvious reasons, in addition to a few
quality questions, it will tell you how you stand among the flock of
people preparing for the same competition.
Atleast get a teacher to clear doubts. A teacher or teacher or anyone
who could help solve your queries especially in physics and
chemistry. Doubts are notorious for easily piling up and eroding your
understanding of a concept as well as your confidence. After you
fulfill these two obligations, you can go without entering the
How do I prepare from the very beginning?
Create a daily and fortnightly schedule. You should plan the number
of topics/subtopics you have to cover daily. Create a similar
fortnightly schedule as well. Plan the number of topics you should
take every 14 days using the mock test syllabus you are enrolled in.
Try to get the materials of premier coaching institutes. It’s easy. 1/2
year old editions are readily available secondhand in many markets
today. You can also ask your seniors to provide such materials. If
you don’t mind digital sources, you can find a lot of material on the
Internet and telegrams. Coaching modules as such are not necessary
but can be used as they are created by experienced teachers who
know the level of the NEET exam better than most.
One of the disadvantages of self-study is the uncertainty of the
“amount” of materials/books you should have. Limit yourself to
enough books. If you are using Allen/Aakash modules then there is
no point of using 3-4 more coaching institute modules; it’s a waste of
time. Don’t unnecessarily buy Resnick Halliday, J D Lee and other
similar books. Keep only 1/2 book for each subject except coaching
materials (also optional). Nothing more than that.
NCERT for Biology. It will easily read you at least 330/360 if you
have done a double digit smart reading. Also, use only one extra
book for solving MCQs. Fingertips/Disha/Most Wanted/Aim4Aiims
anything would work.
Even for physics and chemistry, choose one book which has a good
theory with lots of questions. H C Verma/S L Arora/D C Pandey/no
error. Whatever you tackle, tackle it purposefully. Stop doubting the
book you are using. Your performance in NEET is determined by the
number and quality of questions you solve and not by the name of
the author whose book you have in mind. But if the book is full of
mistakes and you find the level of questions in it below NEET then
feel free to change it. Inorganic Chemistry only requires NCERT.
The more you go for deeper theory from other books, the more you
forget what is in the syllabus.
Don’t be completely cut off from others. Find one or two good
friends with whom you can synergistically discuss anything.
However, everyone is a competitor these days, so it’s best to make
your guards your best friends. Keep updated with all the latest
happenings regarding NEET dates/syllabus/pattern etc as you are not
a coaching student who can rely on the teacher for such information.


Yes you can clear neet by self study. But there is a issue you need a great self control and a target making stretegy so you need to take guidence from a good source . And also there is a factor that you have a whole bunch of syllabus but in institutes they tell you important topics and all. And also you will have a motive to do a specific topic in few days…


Ok :ok_hand: but I can’t pay any coaching fee for preparation of my study


You can arrange money from anywhere if you have a dream in fact online coaching is not that costly if you really want to study. Dream and focus your will …