How do I prepare for the NEET PG in 8 months

How do I prepare for the NEET PG in 8 months?

Hey there,
With a positive mindset, focus and consistency!
Yes, with these three keys you can open the door to your preferred college for medical PG.
First things first, you should not be wasting any time once you start your preparation. Your goal is set, have your eyes on the prize and

now you have to put in all that you have to win the prize. Follow these steps:
Prepare a broad time table. Outline the time you’ll be investing in each subject for your first reading. Also, schedule time for at least 2 revisions and mock tests.
Prepare your daily schedule and be flexible with it. What I mean to say here is, you don’t have to be too hard on yourself about your study timings, but at the same time you must ensure that you complete your to-do list everyday.
Join an online coaching (because honestly offline coaching is not practical in most cases). I’ll recommend PrepLadder.
Use all available learning resources to your full advantage. Do not fall behind on your schedule. STAY CONSISTENT.
Practice MCQs daily. As soon as you finish a topic, work on its MCQs.
Find a way to keep yourself motivated and positive.
I know preparing for NEET PG or NEXT in just 8 months is an extremely difficult task, but it is not impossible. If you are willing to work hard, you can rest assured that you’ll be successful.