How do I study physics for the JEE? I am not able to solve HC Verma’s books

How do I study physics for the JEE? I am not able to solve HC Verma’s books.

To crack JEE, one should have crystal clear concepts and have good problem solving ability. Since you say that you haven’t been able to solve HCV, you should first try to improve your boards level physics and then move on to jee level.
I am assuming that you have joined a coaching institute(resonance), if not, then ignore the statements regarding coaching materials.
Follow the given steps to improve your physics-

  1. Solve NCERT- First of all, study the book and solve the given examples to understand the basics. Solve the in-text questions along-side the theory. This will check your shortcomings on your first reading, which will show where you are lacking. Now, solve the exercises given at the end of the chapter(excluding optional exercises), these will help you improve your writing skills in accordance with the board exams. So, by now you will have prepared your board level physics.
  2. Solve Optional exercises of NCERT and Start HCV- Now, you start preparing physics for JEE Mains. So, solve NCERT optional exercises along-side solving the solved examples given in HCV. Discuss your doubts with friends and teachers. This will help you improve your catching ability and your concepts will become more clear if not completely. Also, if you have joined a coaching institute(assuming you are from resonance), try solving exercise 1 along-side NCERT and HCV. If you are still not confident about some particular topics, repeat step 1
  3. Solve JEE Mains mock tests and previous year papers(Real exams like JEE & CET tests. Improve Score - Embibe)- As of now, you will have become more confident about your scoring ability in physics but you still might have some weaknesses, to find them to solve the papers while simulating the real exam environment.Also solve

exercise 3 part-2 of your coaching material. After finding your weaknesses, repeat step 2 for those specific chapters. By now, you have prepared physics in accordance with JEE mains.
4. Solving HCV Exercises- Solving the HCV exercises will check your clicking ability and help you know your shortcomings. If you still have problems in solving exercises of some chapters, try repeating step 2 and ask your teachers about it.Always remember to solve the “Questions for short answers” section in HCV. This section is for brainstorming and group discussions, it will help you know how you and others approach different questions and help you to know different ways of solving problems. Solve Exercise 2 part-1 of coaching material. If you still have some confidence regarding some topics, repeat steps 3 and 4.
5. Solving JEE Advanced mock and previous year tests(Real exam like JEE & CET tests. Improve Score - Embibe) and coaching material(if available)- Now, solve papers to see where you are lacking in your preparation for JEE Advanced. Solve exercise 2 part-2,3 ,4 and exercise part 3- part-1 of coaching materials and i would also suggest you to solve DC Pandey(regardless whether you are attending coaching or not) to improve physics.

Find your weaknesses and repeat step 3 and solve DCP for those specific chapters.
This should be it, however a few important things you should do along-side during your preparation-
Mark questions where you got stuck and couldn’t solve them correctly until your third or more attempt, solve those questions when you revise, consult your teachers and friends about those questions.
Keep asking doubts to your teachers until you have cleared your concepts, don’t restrain yourself from asking doubts thinking that people will laugh at you for asking such silly questions, just ask your doubts,if not in class, ask them outside the room but ask, people will laugh at you more when you’ll score low in exams, I’ve had this experience.
Keep practicing, the more questions and of different types you solve, the more sharp you’ll become.It’s all about practice.
Make a schedule and follow it, keep revising the formulas and important details.
Make short notes and revise them before exams and class tests.
Always know your syllabus and follow it religiously,don’t assume that so and so chapter will have more weight-age so you’ll give more-time to that chapters and leave those

with low weight-age,don’t do this mistake, prepare every chapter well, you don’t know when and where JEE will surprise you. If you study from the internet, it is like a highway, don’t steer too right nor too left, just focus on your lane, you’ll reach your destination, just stick to your syllabus.
Last but not the least, don’t just immerse yourself into physics, take time for other subjects also, i am saying ‘coz i have committed this mistake.