How do you deal with extremely high expectations in JEE preparationn

How do you deal with extremely high expectations in JEE preparation?

Everyone’s parents and family have huge expectations from their children. Your family has expectations from you because you are capable of clearing JEE exams. You don’t have to feel the pressure and be anxious or depressed because your parents understand you and want the best for you and even if after doing all the hard work the result did not come in your favor they will only motivate you to do your best again.

You only have to show them your efforts by working hard. If you have any problem, share with them openly. If you have interest in any other field, do share with them and tell them you want to follow your heart. If your heart is in Engineering then believe in yourself and you will surely succeed. Be honest with yourself, put all the effort you can put into this preparation for one year and the result will be glorious.
Don’t be afraid of disappointing them. While preparing for this exam you should have control over your emotions and must have a positive mindset. An engineer is one who can find solutions to any problem. To get the perfect guidance and mentorship you can enroll yourself in a IIT JEE mentorship program where the IIT JEE toppers will guide you and share their experience and techniques so that you can include those techniques and right guidance throughout your preparation.