How I study for Long Hours without getting tired and distracted?

It offers practical tips and strategies to help students stay focused and motivated, overcome distractions, and achieve their goals. Whether youโ€™re just starting your preparations or in the final stretch, this video will give you the tools you need to succeed.
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For this u should try to fix goals and fix time duration.
Take 5 min rest after every hour this helps in increasing concentration as our brain tired by continuous work and start distracting so try this. And make goal that I have to complete 50 questions of phy in 1.5 hr and do it. Make proper timetable.

Prioritise what to study. First and foremost, you must set your priorities correctly. โ€ฆ
Sleep well. Having 7-8 hours of sleep is not a myth! โ€ฆ
Eat right. Studying for exams is when you need to be active, so eating a balanced diet is advisable. โ€ฆ
Exercise every day. โ€ฆ
Make your room study friendly. โ€ฆ
Take breaks.