How many books are required for NEET preparation?

How many books are required for NEET preparation?

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The NEET aspirants who are preparing for NEET 2023 know that NCERT books for classes 11 and 12 are essential for them. According to NEET Toppers, NCERT Textbooks are everything for aspirants as they contain all the basic concepts tested on the medical entrance examination. NCERT Textbooks make aspirants’ conceptual base stronger, which is essential for practicing numerical-based questions.

Bio ncert and pyq
Chemistry ncert and pyq and modules
Physics modules and pyq

Hello @punit

The most important books for NEET preparation are NCERT books. NCERT books are must to be read for Biology, Inorganic and Organic chemistry.
Along with NCERT books, you previous year questions chapter wise.
Please check the post :point_right: Which book is best for neet 2023 - #4 by Mbbs_dream for subject wise books for NEET preparation.

First of all get yourself well acquainted with the ncert books of all the three subjects.
For biology you need to read the whole book line by line and also focus on the charts,diagrams and graphs. For physical chemistry you just need to solve the examples in between the chapters which are enclosed in a pink box, apart from that there are some chapters which you need to read, those will be guided to you by your mentor. For inorganic and organic chemistry just focus on the markings which will be given to you by your mentor, this way you will be able to complete these 2 subjects easily. At last physics ncert, you dont need to read it thoroughly just focus on the graphs and diagrams which have been asked in previous exams.
For question practice I would recommend you to solely rely on the modules provided by coachings because they have refined content which is exam based. You can use any coaching if you want.
For more you can contact me through exprto and get a session with me, then we will together.
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