How many hours in a day did you study to crack the IIT-JEE entrance exam?

How many hours in a day did you study to crack the IIT-JEE
entrance exam?


There are three categories of students who prepare for the
Students who go to both school (abt 4 days a week) and attend
regular coaching classes (abt 3 days a week): I was also of this
category, and could only manage abt 5 hrs of dedicated study for
IIT-JEE prep. 2 hrs of chemistry daily and 3 hrs of math and physics
alternatively. On days which I had to attend both school and
coaching, I could only revise class notes. So abt 2 hrs max.
Students who only attend coaching classes (droppers and open
school students): These types of students typically study for abt 8–10
hrs on days without coaching classes and abt 5–6 hrs on days
with coaching classes. Such students are able to manage all three
subjects daily with ease.
Students who only attend school and take distance learning
programmes/join online lecture series/self-study/home-tutions:
These students are generally less in number, though suffer from time
management problems. Their schedule is pretty much the same as
the first category students… though they can schedule their classes as
per their own convenience.
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