How many hours of studying is required per day to crack JEE?

How many hours of studying is required per day to crack


There is no such formula that with a fixed number of study
hours one will crack the JEE exam. And if you are one of those
aspirants who are thinking the same, then I can tell you only one
thing and that is just to get rid of this thought. You cannot crack the
JEE exam with just a fixed number of study hours. The aspirant has
to put in a lot of effort and yes, the aspirant may need a lot of
studies. For this, you need to follow the study schedule so that you
can study according to it and make the best use of your time.
Generally people study for 6 to 7 hours or even more so you too
should study for JEE exam only.
You should only study if you feel up to it. Because there is no gain if
one studies but the focus is only somewhere else. One needs to be
physically and mentally present during self-study. Sometimes it
happens that you just sit for hours to meet the daily study time limit,
but you don’t learn anything. So in that case, just don’t study, I’ll tell
you. You can try something else instead, or you can take a break.
You choose the time when you feel like learning and just prepare for
it. Few people like to study at night while few like to study in the
morning. Likewise, you should find time to prepare for the exams.
Once you make a schedule, it can be difficult to work on it for a few
days, but soon you will get used to it and you will want to learn. You
don’t have to follow another study plan, but you have to make it