How many hours should a JEE aspirant study to get selected in the JEE in the first attempt?

How many hours should a JEE aspirant study to get selected
in the JEE in the first attempt?


Your selection in JEE will depends not upon the quantity of
hours use spend setting on a chair in studying but depends upon the
quality time you spend with your books there are many experience
studying for 15 - 12 hours but still they cannot make it to a good
score and their also people who study for math 8 hours but still they
don’t get very good rank so what is the difference between this two.
You must have read an example in physics chapter work where a
man pushes a wall with all his strength but still no work is done by
him whereas a person carrying a bag in moving forward is doing
some work. The main thing here is displacement.
While studying if you are not moving forward with time, if you are
not able to complete the syllabus in time, if you not revising it
thoroughly if your graph is not going up then you are not doing any
work your 15 16 hours are worthless you are not putting your effort
in the right direction.
This is what happens with most of the freshers who think that the
quantity of time studied is directly proportional to the success.
While the top rankers aims on achieving small goals they does not
drain themselves by stunning continuously for long hours but they
have small goals with their chief in by achieving the gold they get
motivated and the start again after taking a break for sometime it is
the best preparing and at the end of the week the give them mock
test to analyze themselves the revise and study happily.
If you are fresher and don’t want to make these mistakes I will
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