How many times did you revise your entire NEET syllabus before the exam?

How many times did you revise your entire NEET syllabus
before the exam?


Different topics require different attention according to your
strengths and weaknesses.
Overall, I’d say I’ve revised everything as a whole about 4-5 times in
the last 1.5 months, but individual chapters at random times have
been revised a lot more times (depending on how I felt about a
particular chapter).
It is necessary to determine how much attention should be paid to a
particular chapter. Overall, for example, I felt that my physics was
strong. I didn’t spend much time revising/practicing physics once I
felt my physics mock test scores were maintained at 170-180. A
couple of theory chapters like Magnetism and Matter and
Semiconductors which I didn’t feel so confident about, I revised
many times (about 9-10, maybe?) through notes and questions. A
similar situation for physical chemistry.
On the other hand, I did not enjoy inorganic chemistry at all. Many
times I had to revise factual sections like block chemistry and
environmental chemistry. In fact, I also went through all my NCERT
Inorganic Chemistry notes on the exam day (really helped). The
total number of times I went through the notes in whole or in parts
must have been more than 10 times.
I also kept repeating biology over and over again. I used to pick a
chapter and read NCERT, class notes, my own NCERT notes (if
any) and solve MCQs. Once I covered all the chapters, I repeated
the exercises with special focus on the chapters I was unsure about.
Unfortunately memorizing detailed class notes was a bit of a waste.
So focus more on NCERT.
Finally, you need to repeat until you feel comfortable with the topic.
Stabilization of simulated test results is often a good indicator (when
you attempt subtests)