How much can I score in biology in the NEET if I study the NCERT thoroughly?

How much can I score in biology in the NEET if I study the
NCERT thoroughly?


In the NEET exam 80 percent of biology is NCERT based.
If you aim to go through NCERT very very carefully and properly, in
such a way that each and every line gets stuck in your brain then
only you can score really good. If you reach this level only then you
can do 80 to 85question in NEET correct
However I’d suggest to use at least one more reference book to
increase your chances for eg the MTG books and magazines You can
refer to NCERT books, there PDFs and other great reference books
including MTG for your preparation.
For biology- NCERT is enough with thorough revision.
For chemistry -
Physical - Ncert is enough ,practice last year questions and mock
Inorganic - NCERT is more than enough for neet.
Organic — Ncert is not enough, refer to some good for reference,
practice last year neet questions.
For physics — Ncert for basic, then if you have any doubts refer to
HC Verma. Practice last year neet questions.If you are just a
beginner then I will recommend you to take a small mentorship
program from Experto to where you will be connected to recent neet
toppers who will guide you in your journey. It will be very very
beneficial for you because you will be ahead of many competitors
and will always be in the right direction.


Looking at previous year trends one can easily score 340+ after reading NCERT by heart…
Atleast try to read it 10+ time and put special emphasis on diagram flowchart other than Content too…
And i can bet you can easily score 340+


As per me the score can range around 320-340 /360.
How ? It doesn’t mean that you only sticked to NCERT but you also covered the topics (extras) given in NCERT . This is not for the complete syllabus but atleast for the important units , which you must be knowing (a serious NEET aspirant has an idea) .
Still an example - Evolution , Human Physiology , Ecology etc .
Every year extra questions come from such units besides exact line of NCERT , so you need to know little extra so that you can aim for Max marks .
Key Notes :
Focus mainly on NCERT , then later on the extras by focusing on any coaching institute materials .
I scored somewhere around 330+ by doing this .


If u follow the NCERT textbooks thoroughly…like line to line and…if u solve all the type of questions that can be framed from the lines of ncert…u can easily score 320+
U can score 340 …

For biology NCERT is sole sufficient. There are no questions from extra syllabus after 2019. Now whole biology inorganic and organic is NCERT based. 2-3 questions may be extra but don’t risk your rivision for those 2 questions follow NCERT. If you face any problem in understanding some topic refer to your institution notes…

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