How much can I score in the JEE Mains physics by doing HC Verma and PYQs of mains and advanced?

How much can I score in the JEE Mains physics by doing HC Verma and PYQs of mains and advanced ?

You can score ZERO as well as 100 percent marks.
It totally depends on what way you have utilized the materials. On one side, there exist people who have slogged day and night solving questions from a gamut of books and still failed to secure a good rank . On the other hand , some have achieved good scores just by solving NCERTs and mains level questions. The only reason for success of the latter one is being mentally prepared along with subject preparations.
So what is the proper way?
Revision cum Consistency cum Practice !
As you said , you are going to do PYQs and HCV. So, I am assuming that you are done with your basic, i.e., NCERT and board level formula based questions.
Start with PYQs . Doing PYQs increases the chances of scoring more than any other material available. Then only move on to HCV.

While solving these materials , follow these steps :
REVISION STRATEGY for questions : Start solving a particular set of questions.
*** - For questions which you were able to solve in three attempts or were unable to solve.
** - For questions which you were able to solve in two attempts.
*- For questions which you were unable/got wrong to solve due to silly mistakes like calculation error , formula error etc.
Leave the questions if you are unable to solve in less than or equal to three attempts. Try doing them later after you have attempted your set.
Every Sunday , open up those questions again which you have solved on the weekdays. Start by again solving those *** questions first , then ** questions and finally * questions. Keep decreasing and eliminating those stars unless there are none.
Doing all this will ensure you a solid revision.

  1. As far as CONSISTENCY is concerned , keep solving questions everyday for at least for two hours everyday along with other subjects. More you solve , the better you get at it.
  2. Coming to PRACTICE, join a good test series of some reputed coaching, preferably Resonance one. Importance of Test Series can’t be emphasized more. It will help you gain insights about your weak points and will mentally prepare you for the exam.
    Practicing test series is like adding beautiful colors to the wire frame of studies and revisions