How much can I score in the NEET in 4 months?

How much can I score in the NEET in 4 months?

How much you can score in NEET in 4 months will depend on your ability. If you have proper understanding of concepts on all the subjects then you can score good marks in NEET. But if you have not started your preparation then it is really difficult for you to get good marks in NEET. If you want good score in this limited time you have to pay more attention on your studies, and need proper guidance. I would suggest you to take guidance from NEET mentors. Do write mock tests as many as you can. And revise more what you have done already. Do not waste your time, utilise your time.


u want to crack neet in 4 months

If u really want to crack a neet in 4 months

First thing is that you should very loyal to ur work now matter how hard is going to but u have to do it…it’s worth

Oky coming to ur question m also neet aspirant just like u I have never seen any student who crack neet in 4 months but I have heard that one girl is there who crack neet in 4 months she dltd quora, Instagram, whtsapp fb.

In 4 months she had done really hard work and she crack neet now she is pursuing mbbs at last hard work pays of.

Ok if u want to start now dan u have to do really hard work

As u r saying 0 level it means u didn’t no the chapter names also don’t worry dude take a chill relax heres the method how to crack neet in 4 months

U have still 4 months in ur hand

U have to study 18 hours per day Dan u well able to crack neet

Now coming to method as u know

pHysics have 30 chapter

Chemistry have 30 chpater

Biology have 38 chapter

Total chapter is 98 and u have only 120 days

U have to study all 3 subject per day

Now if u r going coaching then it’s all right continue with dat and make other schedule after coaching u have to follow dat

Now those who don’t go coaching as u said 0 level it means u have to 1st clear ur basic if u want to clear basic plz watch exam fear videos on YouTube it clear ur basic for eg motion in 1 dimensions of class 11 phy u have studied from videos Dan revise solve ncert question Dan plz refer any coaching module bcoz neet wants basic to advanced level and then check which topic u have not studied Dan plz search on YouTube and studied by doning dis ur basic and higher level topic will be cover after dat revise that what u have studied Dan practice mcq from mtg@fingertips solve as many question as now coming to time table

Plz follow dis u wii crack neet as I said only 120 days is there so u have to complete phy in 1montgs Dan chemistry in 1 month after dat u have to revise all 3 subject and practice mcq

Wake up at 4am freshnup and do brkfast

After that start ur work 5am to 8am study biology read ncert learn what u. Have studied solve mcq plz note after one hour u have to take 10 min bro Dan again start

9 to 12am chemistry clear ur basic learn solve mcq

After dat rest of the time do phy after completing phy.

I know guys it’s tough but it’s work
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Try to do active learning …always remember active learning gives more result as compared to passive learning …try to solve more and more no of questions …as they are directly proportional to your improvement …