How much do I need to score in JEE advanced to get into IIT?

How much do I need to score in JEE advanced to get into IIT?

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Hi There,

This is a very important question which every aspirant should know an answer to, if he is not sure of getting a seat in IIT.

Unlike top rankers, most of the aspirants are in the dilemna whether they will get a seat or not. How much paper they should attempt? How to judge whether the paper is tough or not and so many other similar questions.

What I have been telling all my students is a simple mantra.

Think as if you have to attempt any one of the two consecutive questions. That means you need to attempt around 50% of the paper.

Even if you can get around 40 % overall marks you should be able to score around 2500 rank which is a very decent rank for someone who is not sure whether he will get a seat or not.

Therefore, just try to attempt 50% , stay calm, give your best and you will surely get a decent rank in JEE Advanced.

Let me tell you that there is as such no minimum marks required to get into IITs because let me tell you the dynamics gets changed every year based on some factors like number of candidates appearing in the examination, number of vacant seats in college, previous years cut offs and difficulty level of the paper.

But as per my knowledge and calculations let me tell you that a score 150+ will fetch you atleast 6k rank in jee advanced. With this rank you can get many stream at iit Kharagpur like ocean engineering , dual degrees, core streams iit bhu.

The cutoff marks for IIT JEE changes every year and the cutoff for different category students is different every year as it depends on number of factors - number of students appearing in the examination, difficulty level of the paper, previous year paper and etc.