How proud did you feel after cracking NEET?

I am sacrificing a lot as all day is spent studying only. What’s the point of all this if I am unable to crack the exam ? I feel very low, and want to know if at all this is worth it.

The feeling was just unexpressable, it was like dream coming true. The dream which was not only mine but of my parents too. Their eyes said it all ,that feeling when your parents feel proud of you is simply great. Not just parents ,your whole family and relatives, when they get to know the news there were like, we have a new doctor in our family. My friends ,they already started asking for free medical checkups. To be honest self respect increases too, during preparation phase you go through ups and downs, sometimes motivated sometimes demotivated but after results you too be like I achieved something great. I already started imagining myself in apron with stethoscope…

My photo was published in local newspaper. I was amazed but not more than my father. He cut out that newspaper section and also took a photo from his phone .he sent it to his friends and even in the family WhatsApp groups… Even I was invited by my school . It feels great when after neet you visit your school ,this time you are centre of attraction, your juniors now are taking inspiration from you .

That feeling after cracking neet is crazy. First of all you now can take a break and relax ,this time without a feeling of guilt. No-one will say study this study that , you are now free for a period till college starting. You are rid of a constant pressure now that was present before neet.
Now , during mbbs i enjoy my life with my friends, and yes we study too . This time no one questions your freedom…

How proud did I felt!!! Well this can’t be explained in words or ratings but it was like a miracle from me, being from a middle class family where becoming a doctor was not just a nobel profession but a miracle which one can just dream to be. First time I saw my father so proud that he was not stable for a while and started distributing sweets to everyone. I was filled with feeling of happiness and joy and was just imaginig wearing white apron and wearing a sthetoscope and this was a wonderful setup.
Yes my photos were published in newspapers and hoardings in my city and it was proud to see myself shining in hoarding and it felt like celebrity and also a nice feeling that I would be able to motivate many students. One day a neighbour of mine smiled at me and greeted me saying " Namaste Doctor Saheb… I saw your photo in newspaper…Congratulations!", and I simply smiled because I didn’t knew how to react . It was a just a small incident but I had a lot of emotions hidden behind my smile.
It feels very privileged to be a meet ranker because few days ago you were just a simple student struggling to establish your career but now you are at such a position that after few years you will be able to save someone’s life and also imagining the happiness on someone’s face when you will save their life and get respect in the society. Overall getting this much respect at such a young age and being inspiring to so your siblings and future NEET aspirants feels wonderful.

To be honest it was a bit of relief. I came out of the exam center with a satisfaction that my exam went good because I had worked very hard for the exam.Not having to revise the ncert anymore, practice physics and memorise reactions, just music, gaming and chill. I checked my paper and realised that I was getting very good marks and all the hard work, those sleepless nights were worth it.It is a special feeling to be a part of the medical fraternity. Few of my seniors with whom I was in regular contact congratulated me saying “welcome to the fraternity kid”. All of my teachers were very happy and my parents were very proud.

When the neighbours and relatives came to know about the result and congratulated me…I had never seen my parents so proud of me.

The head of the coaching from which I studied 9th and 10th invited me and my dad to award me and I interacted with the students over there.

Talking about the photographs, they were all over the town, I felt like a celebrity those days. Many relatives and people visited my house with there children and it was fun guiding them, I was wanted all around the locality.

NEET being a very tough National level exam, after clearing it you actually set an example for those who aspire to clear it. So everyone wants to meet you to get your guidance, you become a role model for your entire family which is a very special feeling.

It’s definitely been a very tough journey But one thing I came to know in that phase is that you have to go the extra mile for the things you want to get. I was the most upbeat in my first attempt(Least prepared).After having bitten the dust in my second attempt also, I was devastated. When you fail once, everyone’s supportive. You fail twice and everyone needs a reason(I’m glad my family didn’t need one). People kept coming, offering me advice and alternatives. You should do B.Sc. , BBA, Agriculture and what not. I kept dreaming. And I started studying. All over again. It was not quite easy. There are days when you’ll lose it. You’d want to run away. All you need to do, is to stay there. A little longer. Longer than you think you can. The irony is, India faces a shortage of doctors, and yet, MBBS seats can be counted on fingers. That’s what makes it all the more difficult. The good part is, if you’ve decided you want to do it, you will do it.
My photo was on hoarding of my school from where I passed my 12th.
It’s tough in the beginning and then I worked my fingers to the bone. Everyone even the ones who trolled me for taking my 2nd drop then came and appreciated me for my hard work. And the most important thing which I got was the proud feeling for myself on my parents face……

**To begin with I got my NEET result on 16 October 2020 so I cleared NEET in my very first attempt. So basically keeping the competition of NEET in mind it is a privilege to clear such a difficult exam in the first attempt. So it is a thing on which you should feel pride and same is the case of mine so when I seen my need to result I felt really very happy because all my hard work paid off and give me opportunity to study in one of the prestigious institute of the country after the declaration of the result my full family was very happy and you know it is a thing that everybody wants to show so every family member put a story of mine on their social media accounts and I was receiving so many compliments and best wishes as I Was first from the family who is about to become a doctor. So after the declaration of the result I received a few calls from the relatives asking about how to prepare for the exam and how to do the examination and I just felt on the seventh cloud. And after that a few teachers called me and invited me for the celebration for such a brilliant result and many hoardings were put outside the coaching institutes which was a very proud moment for me and my family. After clearing neet at the family gathering it feels like you are a Little celebrity as everybody addresses you as Dr Sahab and they ask for the tips to clear the Neet exam and they ask for medical advice which itself feels very proud.

Belief in You. Everyone says just believe in yourself and everything can be achieved with the belief, is it possible many may question. …
Get your Self Ready. Prepare yourself to get into the study mode once you have tuned your mind and body to achieve the NEET target.