How should I get discipline in my JEE preparation?

How should I get discipline in my JEE preparation? I sleep
at 12 am and wake up at 9 am and do random subjects like
physics in the morning, chemistry at night and nothing is
disciplined in my life.


Well this was one of the major problems I faced during
my JEE journey. So, I think I am eligible to write this answer.
Here I’ll share what all I did and some extras what you should
try to do (Jo khud Maine try nhi ki :p)
First of all, be clear with your goals. Paste the name of your
dream college with the rank required for it in front of your
study table. You need to be serious towards it.
Put your alarm at some distance from your bed. So you have
to get up and turn it off. Don’t keep it nearby otherwise you’ll
end up snoozing. Also, have an alarm tone that motivates and
energizes you for the day.
Every night make a prior plan for the next day (what to study
first?, for how long?, then what?). And keep only those books
at your study table which you need to open first (next day).
Other books you may keep at some extra table or simply push
them aside at the corners.
Whenever you feel like giving up or think like you can’t study
the ongoing topic just have a look at the goal pasted just in
front of your eyes. If you’re serious enough for it you’ll keep
going. And the same thing you need to do when you are
diverting yourself from the schedule.
Whenever you’re switching subjects just take a minor break of
5–10 mins and try to walk and think about how your life’s
going to be once you get into your dream college (have
ambitions but also make yourself tough enough that you can
do anything for it). Don’t extend the break.
Follow pts 1 to 5 regularly and in a week or two comment
about your progress and the problems you’re still facing.

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