How to analyse mock test mistake?

Analysing your mistakes on mock tests can help you identify areas where you need to improve and avoid making the same errors on the actual exam. Here are some steps you can take to analyze your mock test mistakes:

  1. Review your answers: Compare your answers to the mock test with the correct answers and identify the questions you got wrong.
  2. Identify patterns: Look for patterns in the types of questions you got wrong and the specific concepts or topics that you struggled with.
  3. Understand why you made mistakes: Try to understand the reasons why you made mistakes, such as lack of understanding of the concept, poor time management, or careless errors.
  4. Make a plan: Based on the patterns and reasons you identified, make a plan to address your weaknesses.
  5. Practice and revise: Practice and revise the concepts and topics where you made mistakes, to improve your understanding and mastery of the material.
  6. Take note of your mistakes: Keep a record of your mistakes and the strategies you used to address them, so you can refer back to them later.
  7. Re-take the mock test: Re-take the mock test after some time to check your progress, and compare your scores and mistakes to see if you have improved.
  8. Seek guidance: If you are still struggling with the same mistakes, seek guidance from your mentor to help you understand the concepts better.

Analysing Mock Tests is one of the most important part of any exam preparation whether it is JEE or NEET. I am sharing the strategy I used to follow during my NEET prep. I used to divide my mistakes into two types -

1. Conceptual Mistakes - It must have happened with you that you get confused between 2 options and mark the most suitable one according to you but it gets wrong. These mistakes are due to lack of Concept and Revision.

Solution - To resolve this, Identify your weak topics from mock tests and revise them again and again.

2. Silly Mistakes - These include Calculation mistakes and mistakes done in hurry due to lack of time and focus.
These are the mistakes which hurt the most because you loose marks just because you mark a wrong option inspite of knowing the right answer.

Solution - First Identify the silly mistakes you are doing, write them on a paper and before starting a new mock test just remember not to repeat those mistakes again and you will see a great improvement in your score.

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To increase marks in mock you need to know where you are doing the mistakes.
For this its better to analyse the paper after coming back home.
Sit back and judge each question and try to remember what were you thinking that made you do that question wrong, it may be a calculation mistake, you may have not understood the question correctly, not read the options completely etc etc.
After identifying your mistakes its easy to work on them and get them right the next time.
Read the topics again and again and if you are getting confused with examples you can make charts and paste it in your room, this is specially done for topics of plant kingdom where you have lots of examples.

Analysis of mock test is very much important as it helps you to know where you are Making mistakes so that you can omit them in main exam and do not repeat them.
I would suggest try to analyse your mock test the same day you give the test and see what sort of mistake you have made is it a silly mistake or you are forgetting that topic if that the issue revise that topic and make it stronger and solve some more questions of that type so that it becomes crystal clear to you and and you can also make a notebook in which you can mention those questions so that you can revise them and remember what all mistakes you have made in past and do not repeat them as:


For helping you out first of all I want to make you understand the importance of test paper analysis along with the way for a proper paper analysis .
~Analysis of your mistakes is very important after attempting a mock/ practice test for NEET. Without proper analysis you are bound to repeat the same mistake in the next test.

When you make a mistake, there are only three things you should ever do about it: admit it, learn from it, and don’t repeat it.

Analyzing Mistakes After Attempting a Mock Test for NEET

Whatever mock tests you appear for, make it a habit to analyse the mistakes. You can maintain a record book like I did for analyzing mistakes after attempting the

Make three columns:

Column 1: Marks Analysis

This includes the marks you score in all the subjects, i.e. PCB along with a detailed analysis of

  • Correct : subdivided into fluke and sure-shots.
  • Incorrect : subdivided into fluke, conceptual error, bubbling error.
  • Not attempted :

Column 2: Your weak areas

Note down the portions where you lack conceptual clarity or which you didn’t study well!

Column 3: Improvement

List of targets you wish to achieve in your next test. This can include proper time management, avoiding bubbling errors, etc.

[I am attaching my own record book for your easy reference.]

Here’s a step-by-step guide to analyze your mock test results for NEET:

Check your scores and compare it to your previous test scores to track improvement.

Identify your strong and weak areas, by reviewing your mistakes and the questions you got wrong.

Make a study plan to address the weak areas and improve your scores.

Review the concepts and formulas related to the questions you got wrong and make sure you understand them thoroughly.

Practice similar questions to strengthen your knowledge and accuracy.

Repeat this process regularly to keep improving and track your progress.


Evaluate your mock test result: …
Review the answers: …
Identify your weak areas: …
Know your strong areas: …
Reflect on the incorrect answers and their reasons: …
Solve the un-attempted questions: …
Learn from your mistakes: …
Take more mock tests: