How to become topper at jee

How to Study to Become an IIT JEE topper?

IIT JEE toppers preparation is similar to many other JEE aspirants i.e. to follow the best practices for IIT JEE. The only difference, maybe, is more consistency. This is what IIT JEE toppers do:

They follow a disciplined strategy and love the subjects they are studying.

They know their strengths and also work on weaker areas.

They focus on concepts, understanding and application of logic. When starting a topic, he/she would make sure to study all the related concepts at once and then solve the problems.

They focus on quality over quantity.

They understand the importance and value of coaching/ teachers.

They always stay cool and calm during the IIT JEE preparation and during examination.

A topper may get lucky on the exam day, but key things during the JEE preparation are simple and any JEE aspirant can follow them to get a handsome rank in JEE. You never know you may be the next IIT JEE topper!

IIT JEE Toppers Advice 2022

IIT JEE topper Aman Bansal advice to JEE aspirants:

“Regular studies are very important. Utilize your time properly. While studying, underline and highlight the important parts. Discuss with your peers and faculty members to explore various problem solving techniques. Maintain a healthy competition with your peers. Do not get stressed and give your best shot with 100% confidence.”

IIT JEE Preparation Tips by JEE toppers

Have a passion, determination and self-motivation to clear IIT JEE. You have to give it all, to all 3 subjects – Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics.

Work hard (the best and the basic thing) and maintain consistency throughout your JEE preparation.

Go into the root of the problem, understand the concepts instead of memorizing them (some exception to Chemistry).

Resolve your doubts quickly. If you don’t understand anything, ask the same question again and again from your teacher. Never procrastinate in your JEE preparation.