How to commit suicide without pain after 7 may

I am useless and dumb too what should i do to escape this world for the world don’t except people like me

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Easiest way to commit suicide is to study since for u studying kills!


Well u don’t know what is going on bro… I am just stuck in this world what i wanted is to be loved but o guess i won’t get i dont even like myself i want someone to beat me up for im a loser who felt disgusted every time i socialise … No more wishes

Just shutup broooo ur prnts kept more money for ur study uhave to concentrate welll on ur exam if uh fail try again and again dont do thissss bloody stuffff brooo do uh really want to fullfill ur dream nd ur prnts dream uh have wrk hrd broooo dont do sucide such mad things plzzzzzz uhave to study well nd uhave wrk hrd abhi bhi tym haiplzzzzz padooo brooooooo for ur self nd for ur family if u commit for sucide after ur prnts cry nd die inside for u plzzzzzzzz dont dooo brother plz🙏god gave life plzzz failures are also gud to kearn smnthng from failure plzzz one day uh will success brooo plz study well tc of u